Political Information

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The Ironworkers Political Action League (IPAL) serves the Iron Worker membership in two crucial capacities. The first is the raising of funds to be used in efforts to elect pro-union and pro-worker candidates to public office. The second is to lobby critical legislation, keep legislatively informed, and review legislative matters that affect the livelihood of Ironworkers and their families. Both of these functions serve to achieve the same objective: increasing the political and legislative clout of the Ironworkers.

The success of these efforts absolutely depends on the Iron Workers membership contributions. It is clear that the battle for work, wages, safety and retirement will be waged not only at the collective bargaining table, but in the political arena as well. The combined challenge of the new economy and the increasing practice of anti-union politics must be recognized as a grave threat. If the Ironworkers are to excel in the Twenty-First Century they must continue to build political power and be prepared to wield it. Building this power will be accomplished through organizing to increase membership, raising funds via the IPAL contribution checkoff, and becoming – and staying – politically active. Our livelihood depends on it.

Please use the following link to the new Ironworkers Legislative Action Center. The new website makes fighting for ironworkers and their families easier and more effective than ever.