Department of Reinforcing Iron Workers

The Department of Reinforcing Ironworkers was created to maximize the use of skilled, trained union iron workers in the steel reinforcing of concrete construction and maximize the overall use of steel reinforcement in concrete construction throughout the United States
and Canada.

Since the formation of the department, the focus has been mainly to network with a variety of industry associations that include:
  • The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI)
  • The CRSI Installer Interest Group (IIG)
  • The National Association of Reinforcing Steel Contractors (NARSC)
  • The American Concrete Institute (ACI).  

Department’s Interests
  • Participating in the meetings and events of industry associations
  • On-going research to keep on the fore-front of technological advancements and events that are impacting our industry
  • Monitoring the demands for reinforcing and studying the trend of concrete consumption
  • Forging new partnerships with other Associations and Institutions